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신이식후 1년이상 경과한 환자에서 혈청내 溶解性 接着分子 sICAM-1과 sVCAM-1 농도측정의 의의

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 Assessment of sICAM - 1 and sVCAM - 1 in Patients with Chronic Renal Allograft Dysfunction 
 김유선  ;  김현옥  ;  최규헌  ;  정현주  ;  김택균  ;  김순일  ;  김명수  ;  문장일  ;  이은미  ;  박기일 
 Journal of the Korean Society for Transplantation (대한이식학회지), Vol.11(1) : 41-48, 1997 
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 Journal of the Korean Society for Transplantation (대한이식학회지) 
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Aims: To examine the relationship between soluble adhesion molecules ICAM-1 and VCAM-1, and chronic renal allograft dysfunction Methods: Serum samples taken on the day of renal biopsy from renal allograft recipients showing chronic graft dysfunction(n=31), at least one year after renal transplantation, were examined and com- pareci with those f`rom healthy control(n=20), or end stage renal failure patients(n=18), for the mea- surernent of sICAM-I and sVCAM-1. Specific enzyme-linked immunometric method were used. No pateints was experieneing concurrent infection. The indications of the biopsy were slow increment of serum creatinine, significant proteinuria(over 1 gram per day) or newly-developed microscopic hematuria with or without small amount of proteinuria. Results: sVCAM-l was increase in end stage renal failure patients as well as transplant recipients as compared with the healthy controls. However, sICAM-1 was not increased either in end stage renal failure patients or renal allograft recipients. The degree of chronic rejection and cyclosporine toxicity did not correlate with the serum level of sVCAM-1. The level of serum creatinine did not correlate with the serum levels of either slCAM-1 or sVCAM-I. Cnnclusion: lncrease of sVCAM-l but not of sICAM-1 may have some role in the mechanism of chronic renal allograft dysfunction.
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