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양측성대마비의 10년간 경험 분석

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 Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis : A 10-year Review of 42 Patients 
 김광문  ;  김세헌  ;  최홍식  ;  조정일  ;  이준협 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (대한음성언어의학회지), Vol.8(1) : 75-81, 1997 
Journal Title
 Journal of the Korean Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (대한음성언어의학회지) 
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The clinical investigation was done in the 42 patients with bilateral vocal cord palsy who visited the otorhinolaryngologic department of the Yongdong Severance Hospital during the 10-year period between August 1986 to August 1996. On the sex and age distribution, the ratio of male to female patients was 2.8 : 1 and the age was evenly distributed and average was 46 years old. Of their chief complaints, dyspnea was the most common symptom. Among the position of the paralyzed vocal cords, paramedian position was most common. The most common causes of the bilateral vocal cord palsy was idiopathic Other causes include iatrogenic, prolonged intubation, head & neck trauma, brain tumor, Myasthenia Gravis, and mediastinitis. Our treament results were as follows. Recovery rate of idiopathic bilateral vocal cord palsy was 77.7% and recovery period after bilateral vocal cord palsy was shortened remarkedly after use with steroid. We performed laser arytenoidectomy in patients with irreversible idiopathic vocal cord palsy, neural injury, and cricoarytenoid joint fixation. Decannualtion was possible to be carried out in 86% of the patients and none of complication except for 1 case of aspiration developed. Thus we concluded that it was meaningful surgical treatment of bilateral vocal cord palsy.
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