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소아 악종종양에서 예후인자로서의 Alpha-Fetoprotein의 혈청 반감기 측정의 의의

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 Actual Half - Life of Alpha - Fetoprotein as a Prognostic Tool in Pediatric Malignant Tumors 
 한석주  ;  오정탁  ;  유수영  ;  최승훈  ;  황의호 
 Journal of the Korean Surgical Society (대한외과학회지), Vol.52(4) : 566-571, 1997 
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 Journal of the Korean Surgical Society (대한외과학회지) 
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In a retrospective study, the prognostic value of monitoring the decay of alpha-fetoprotein(AFP) was assessed. Serum AFP was determined serially in 18 children with malignant germ cell tumors or malignant hepatic tumors: Fifteen children had malignant germ cell tumors(endodermal sinus tumor; 7, embryonal carcinoma; 3, malignant teratoma; 5). Two children had hepatoblastoma and a third had hepatocellular carcinoma. The actual halflife(AHL) of AFP was computed according to the formula after the surgical resection of the tumor. In group 1, which had a complete resection and no recurrence during follow-up(n=13), the AHL of AFP was 4.0±0.9 days. In group 2, which had a incomplete resection or recurrence during follow-up(n=5), the AHL of AFP was 24.8±20 days. The AHL of group 2 was significantly longer than that of group 1(p=0.0026). The increased AHL of AFP indicated the residual active tumor after surgical resection. The AHL of AFP may be more sensitive than serial monitoring of AFP in detecting the preclinical recurrence after surgical resection of AFP secreting tumors. Treatment strategies can be based on AFP clearance and prospective clinical trials are warranted.
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