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결핵성 흉벽농양의 흉부 전산화 단층 촬영 소견

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 CT Findings and Types of Tuberculous Chest Wall Abscess 
 홍용국  ;  최규옥  ;  김성규  ;  정경영  ;  장준  ;  이원영 
 Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases (결핵 및 호흡기질환), Vol.44(1) : 59-68, 1997 
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 Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases (결핵 및 호흡기질환) 
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BACKGROUND: Tuberculous chest wall abscess is a rare complication of tuberculosis. However, there have been few reports about the variable extents and shapes of tuberculous chest wall abscesses. We analyzed the extent and shape of tuberculous chest wall abscesses and grouped them according to combined pleuroparenchymal lesions by CT scans. MATERIALS AND METHODS: CT fadings were evaluated in 20 patients of tuberculous chest wall abscesses. We classified 29 abscesses in 20 patients into three types according to pleuroparnechymal lesions. Type 1 was defined when there was no active pleuroparenchymal lesion, Type 2, when intrathoracic tuberculosis was contacted with chest wall abscess, Type 3, when ipsilateral subpleural nodules were not contacted with chest wall abscess. RESULTS: The type 1 included 6 abscesses in 6 patients. They showed rib and/or postal cartilage destruction in their center. They were relatively large and round. The type 2 included 13 abscesses in 10 patients. The abscesses in contact with pleural lesion or mediastinal lesion were mainly located in the outer muscle layer, and they were relatively large in size, However, the abscesses in contact with parenchymal lesion were mainly located in extrapleural space. They were relatively small and they were longest along the long axis of ribs. The type 3 included 10 abscesses in 6 patients. They were located mainly in the extrapleural space. CONCLUSION: Tuberculous chest wall abscesses showed variable extents and shapes according to pleuroparenchymal lesions. CT is a good diagnostic modality to visualize the extent of tuberculous chest wall abscess and combined pleuroparenchymal lesion.
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