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황체화된 인간 과립세포에서 Apoptosis 관련 유전자인 bcl-2와 TRPM-2의 발현

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 The Expression of Apoptosis Related Genes bel-2, TRPM-2 in Luteinized Human Granulosa Cells 
 이병석  ;  최은아  ;  장경환  ;  김진영  ;  배상욱  ;  박기현  ;  조동제  ;  이국  ;  김재욱  ;  송찬호 
 Korean Journal of the Fertility and Sterility (대한불임학회잡지), Vol.24(2) : 267-271, 1997 
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Korean Journal of the Fertility and Sterility(대한불임학회잡지)
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Apoptosis, programmed cell death, is posulated to occur in granulosa cells in ovarian follicular atresia. bcl-2 gene serves as protector from apoptosis and, thus, is associated with increased cell survival. TRPM-2 gene expression has been implicated as a trigger of apoptosis in rat prostate, uterus and mammary gland. Our objective
was to determine if bel-2 and TRPM-2 are expressed in luteinized human GC and, therefore, have regulatory functions for apoptosis in GC. Human GC were obtained via oocyte retrival from the infertile patients stimulated with exogeneous gonadotropins while undergoing IVF. GC were isolated from follicular fluid using Percoll gradient centrifugation. The GC were further purified with anti-CD45 magnetic beads to remove contaminating WBC's. RT-PCR were performed to analyze the mRNA expression of bcl-2 and TRPM-2 in the GC. The PCR primers were designed to amplify a 195 bp fragment of bcl-2 and a 174 bp fragment of TRPM-2. The PCR products were electrophoresed on 4% agarose gel. Three separate experiments indicated that both bel-2 and TRPM-2 are concurrently expressed in human GC. We cultured granulosa cells with FSH (1 ng/ml) for 1 day to investigate the relative changes of TRPM-2 mRNA level with RNAse protection assay. When we cultured GC with serum free medium for 1 day TRPM-2 mRNA level increased with 1.3 fold, however it was decreased 0.64 fold with FSH. Therefore we conclude that bcl-2 and TRPM-2 are concurrently expressed and that the interaction of their products may be involved in GC apoptosis. And TRPM-2 may be regulated with FSH.
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