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 Method of RBC Depletion from Human Umbilical Cord Blood 
 유철주  ;  박송희  ;  조현상  ;  김현옥  ;  임종백  ;  박세명  ;  양창현  ;  김길영  ;  조재성 
 Korean Journal of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology (대한소아혈액종양학회지), Vol.5(1) : 163-170, 1998 
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 Korean Journal of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology (대한소아혈액종양학회지) 
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Background : Cord blood(CB) has been suggested as an alternate source of stem cells in transplantation because of lower incidence of graft versus host disease and ease of collection. To optimize storage space cord blood needs to be stored as separated product. Additionally, for cord blood bank to be economical and efficient, volumes smaller than that of whole packs needs to be stored. However, CB processing procedures described so far involve open systems and/or reagents which are not licensed for use in humans. Consequently, these procedures poorly match the needs for closed-system, large-scale CB banking. In our study, we use the triple bag system in which the CB is separated by centrifugation to maintain of sterility and volume reduction. And simple and effective RBC depletion method was evaluated with 10% pentastarch and 4% modified gelatin. Methods : The collection of CB was performed from 45 full term newborns. The collection was made by gravity and uterine contraction before placental expulsion with triple transfusion bag containing CPD-Al . 10% Pentastarch(Group A) or 4% modified gelatin(Group B) is added directly to the CB containing bag. After RRC sedimentation, the WBC-rich supernatant is collected in a satellite bag. After RBC depletion, recovery of mononuclear cells(MNC), CD34+ cells were compared between two groups. Results : Mean volume of collected CB and final RBC-depleted products were 68.1± 17.0 mL and 18.1±4.1mL in Group A and 68.0±15.8 mL, 23.1±6.3mL in Group B, respectively. After RBC depletion, the number of MNC and CD 34+ cells were 2.61±1.51 ×108, 1.19±0.96×106 in Group A and 4.03±3.16× 108, 1.43±0.86×106 in Group B. Mean recovery of MNC, CD34+ cells were 70.2±43.7%, 60.2±31.5% in Group A, and 84.7±39.9% and 87.7±7.5% in Group B, respectively. Conclusion : CB processing in closed-system using triple bag with 4% modified gelatin appears to be safe, easy, effective and particularly suitable for large-scale CB banking.
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