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 Descreased Insulin Sensitivity Independently Elevate Plasma Leptin Level 
 송여득  ;  박기현  ;  한설혜  ;  박석원  ;  송민경  ;  남재현  ;  남수연  ;  이종호  ;  임승길  ;  김경래  ;  이현철  ;  허갑범  ;  송영득 
 Journal of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity (대한비만학회지), Vol.7(1) : 29-43, 1998 
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 Journal of Korean Society for the Study of Obesity (대한비만학회지) 
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The acute effects of hyperinsulinemia on plasma leptin levels were determined in body fat matched 8 controls, 7 IGT subjects, 6 NIDDM patients and 10 PCO subjects, using the glucose clamp technique. The plasma leptin levels changed little from basal during hyperglycemic hyperinsulinemic(89.0±2.1uU/mL)-euglycemic(89.5±0.8mg/dL) clamp studies in either controls, IGT, NIDDM or PCO subjects(Basal Vs After; 4.7 ±2.1 Vs. 5.6± 2.2, 6.1±1.0 Vs. 4.9±1.0, 7.4±2.9 Vs. 7.1±2.5, 11.6±0.8 Vs. 11.5±0.9ng/mL). Basal leptin levels were higher in PCO, NIDDM, IGT than controls(11.6±0.8, 7.4 ±2.9, 6.1±1.0 Vs. 4.7 ±2.ing/mL, P<0.05 ), and insulin sensitivity index were lower in PCO, NIDDM, IGT than controls (3.6 ±0.3, 5.2±0.6, 6.6-1-0.7 Vs. 9.6=1=1.3 ml/kg/ min/U/mL X 104 , P<0.05). A strong correlation between plasma leptin levels and percent body fat, fasting insulin level and insulin sensitivity index were present. In a multivariate regression analysis, plasma leptin was associated with percent body fat(B=0.380, P=0.011) and insulin sensitivity index(B=0.380, P=0.011). Above results demonstrate that insulin resistance, independent of adiposity, is associated with elevated plasma leptin levels. Although we found insulin did not regulatre leptin production acutely, it is possible that chronically elevated plasma insulin concentrations stimulate OB gene expression.
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