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치아매니큐어의 효력 및 물리·화학적 특성 연구

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 Study on the efficacy, physical and chemical properties of tooth manicure products 
 양송이  ;  최지원  ;  이상배  ;  김광만  ;  권재성 
 Korean Journal of Dental Materials (대한치과재료학회지), Vol.47(1) : 23-36, 2020-03 
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 Korean Journal of Dental Materials (대한치과재료학회지) 
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Tooth manicure ; Tooth polish ; Efficacy ; Setting time ; Retention ; Detachability
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy, physical and chemical properties of tooth manicure products. Threetypes of tooth manicures (brightness improvement type (BIT), glitter or pearl alteration type (GAT) and color alteration type(CAT)) were selected as test materials. To assess the efficacy for the brightness improvement, the brightness was measuredby shade guide and spectrophotometer before applying the tooth manicure on the C4 shade guide and after the application. The efficacies of glitter or pearl and color alteration were visually observed after applying the tooth manicure on the coverglass following 1 and 12 hours of application. The setting time was recorded using the 1/4 lb Gilmore needle. The retentionrate was calculated by weight change before and after immersion of tooth manicure applied on the cover glass in distilledwater for 12 hours. Also, the detachability of tooth manicure from the tooth was tested using the cross-brushing machine. The BIT tooth manicures increased brightness following 1 and 12 hours of tooth manicure applications (p<0.05). The GATand CAT tooth manicures maintained glitter and color alterations, respectively for 1 and 12 hours after the tooth manicureapplications. The CAT tooth manicures showed longer setting time compared to other types (p<0.05). The retention rates wereindicated to be more than 99% in all materials. Finally, the results of the detachability indicated that all of tested tooth manicureswere removed from the tooth surfaces by tooth brushing. The above results would provide useful information for future developmentof related products.
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