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뇌의 비가역적 병소 발생술을 이용한 중추성 신경병증성 통증에 대한 외과적 치료

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 Surgical Management of Central Neuropathic Pain Using the Neuroablative Procedures of Brain 
 박용숙  ;  장종희  ;  박용구  ;  장진우  ;  정상섭 
 Journal of the Korean Pain Research Society (통증), Vol.13(1) : 23-30, 2003 
Journal Title
Journal of the Korean Pain Research Society(통증)
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Central pain ; Neuropathic pain ; Neuroablative procedures
Central pain is defined as pain initiated or caused by a primary lesion or dysfunction within the central nervous system and has proved the most difficult pain to control. Many intracranial ablative procedures have been tried, including stereotactic cingulotomy, thalamotomy, and mesencephalotomy, which have been described to be effective in about 50% to 60% although the relief of pain is faded out with time. Anterior cingulotomy is effective for the relief of cancer pain and noncancer chronic pain. Although few side effects are potential benefits of cingulotomy, the effectiveness for central pain is not yet established. Mesencephalotomy is particular value in central denervation pain, cancer pain involving the head, neck but its use is limited due to significant morbidity. The value of thalamotomy for treatment of central pain is not documented. Trigeminal tractotomy and nucleotomy are beneficial for vagoglossopharyngeal neuralgia, geniculate neuralgia, and the caudalis DREZ is beneficial for atypical facial pain, postherpetic neuralgia. Recently neurostimulation is recommended for the treatment of central pain or neuropahic pain rather than neuroablation. The use of destructive central procedures for central pain and noncancer chronic pain has not yet been well defined. With the potential benefit being less certain, priority might be given to a procedure with less risk.
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