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Dissolution behavior and early bone apposition of calcium phosphate-coated machined implants in dogs

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dc.description.abstractBackground: Calcium phosphate (CaP)-coated implants promote osseointegration and survival rate. The aim of this study was to (1) analyze the dissolution behavior of the residual CaP particles of removed implants and (2) evaluate bone apposition of CaP-coated machined surface implants at the early healing phase. Mandibular premolars were extracted from five dogs. After eight weeks, the implants were placed according to drilling protocols: a nonmobile implant (NI) group and rotational implant (RI) group. For CaP dissolution behavior analysis, 8 im¬plants were removed after 0, 1, 2, and 4 weeks. The surface morphology and deposition of the coatings were observed. For bone apposition analysis, block sections were obtained after 1-, 2-, and 4-week healing periods and the specimens were analyzed. Results: Calcium and phosphorus were detected in the implants that were removed immediately after insertion, and the other implants were composed mainly of titanium. There were no notable differences between the NI and RI groups in terms of the healing process. The bone-to-implant contact and bone density in the RI group showed a remarkable increase after 2 weeks of healing. Conclusions: It can be speculated that the CaP coating dissolves early in the healing phase and chemically induces early bone formation regardless of the primary stability.-
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dc.titleDissolution behavior and early bone apposition of calcium phosphate-coated machined implants in dogs-
dc.title.alternative성견에서 기계 절삭형 임플란트 표면에 코팅된 칼슘 포스페이트 박막의 용해 양상과 초기 골침착에 관한 연구-
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