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De novo bone formation underneath the sinus membrane supported by a bone patch: a pilot experiment in rabbit sinus model

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 토끼에서 Bone patch를 이용한 상악동막 거상술에 관한 방사선학적, 조직계측학적 연구 
 Research Institutes (연구소) 
 Institute for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration (치주조직재생연구소) 
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Purpose The objectives of this study were to evaluate bone regeneration beneath a newly devised bone substitute combined with collagen membrane (called a bone patch) lying over a concomitantly placed mini-implant following sinus floor elevation, and verify its usefulness as a carrier system for recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) in rabbits. Materials and Methods The sinus floor elevation procedure was performed bilaterally in five rabbits. Either a plain bone patch (control group) or an rhBMP-2 loaded patch (experimental group) was randomly placed beneath the elevated sinus membrane of both sinuses, where the mini-implants were concomitantly placed. Micro-computed tomographic and histologic analyses were performed at 4 weeks post-surgery. Results In micro-computed tomography, the median values of the total augmented volume and the mineralized bone volume were significantly higher in the experimental group than in the control group (161 vs. 122 mm3 [P<0.01] and 48 vs. 42 mm3 [P<0.05], respectively). Histometric analysis revealed the same outcomes, with new bone areas of 6.41 and 2.97 mm2 in the experimental and control groups, respectively(P<0.001), and bone-to-implant contact ratios of 22.6% and 5.2%, respectively (P<0.001). Conclusions Using a bone patch to support the elevated sinus membrane could facilitate considerable bone regeneration from the basal bone with reduced consumption of biomaterial while simplifying the sinus augmentation procedure. The addition of rhBMP-2 could facilitate early bone regeneration around implants that are placed simultaneously.
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