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Phenotypic and Functional Analysis of Human NK Cell Subpopulations According to the Expression of FcεRIγ and NKG2C

 Kyung Hwan Kim  ;  Hee Tae Yu  ;  Ilwoong Hwang  ;  Sungha Park  ;  Su-Hyung Park  ;  Sungjin Kim  ;  Eui-Cheol Shin 
 FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY, Vol.10 : 2865, 2019 
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FcεRIγ ; NK cell ; NKG2C ; cytomegalovirus ; human ; memory
Human memory-like NK cells are commonly defined by either a lack of FcεRIγ or gain of NKG2C expression. Here, we investigated the heterogeneity of human CD56dim NK cell subpopulations according to the expression of FcεRIγ and NKG2C in a large cohort (n = 127). Although the frequency of FcεRIγ- and NKG2C+ NK cells positively correlated, the FcεRIγ- and NKG2C+ NK cell populations did not exactly overlap. The FcεRIγ+NKG2C+, FcεRIγ-NKG2C+, and FcεRIγ-NKG2C- NK cell populations were only evident after HCMV infection, but each had distinct characteristics. Among the subpopulations, FcεRIγ-NKG2C+ NK cells exhibited the most restricted killer immunoglobulin-like receptor repertoire, suggesting clonal expansion. Moreover, FcεRIγ-NKG2C+ NK cells exhibited the lowest Ki-67 and highest Bcl-2 expression, indicating the long-lived quiescent memory-like property. Functionally, FcεRIγ-NKG2C+ NK cells had weak natural effector function against K562 but strong effector functions by CD16 engagement, whereas FcεRIγ+NKG2C+ NK cells had strong effector functions in both settings. Anatomically, the FcεRIγ+NKG2C+, FcεRIγ-NKG2C+, and FcεRIγ-NKG2C- NK cell populations were present in multiple human peripheral organs. In conclusion, we demonstrate the heterogeneity of memory-like NK cells stratified by FcεRIγ and NKG2C and suggest both markers be utilized to better define these cells.
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