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Urological presentations of adult primary tethered cord syndrome

 Hee Seo Son  ;  Jang Hwan Kim 
 NEUROUROLOGY AND URODYNAMICS, Vol.39(2) : 633-641, 202002 
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adult ; kidney ; spinal dysraphism ; tethered cord syndrome ; urinary tract ; urodynamics
AIMS: To investigate the urological presentations of patients initially diagnosed with closed spinal dysraphism in adulthood: adult primary tethered cord syndrome (ApTCS). METHODS: Patients with ApTCS who underwent subsequent untethering were studied. Urological presentations were evaluated grouped by symptom onset period of either after (group 1) or before (group 2) the completion of physical growth. RESULTS: Of the 43 patients, median age at diagnosis and initial untethering was 35.5 (18.4-67.2) years. At diagnosis, 90.7% (39/43) had urological symptoms and 18.6% (8/43) initially consulted a urologist without noticeable neurological symptoms. Enuresis was observed in 16.3% (7/43) and common among patients without significant neurological symptoms (62.5%, 5/8). Urgency urinary incontinence and frequency prevailed in group 1. Stress urinary incontinence and straining to void prevailed in group 2. Among 26 patients with pre- and post-operative urodynamics, detrusor overactivity predominated in group 1 and acontractile detrusor predominated in group 2. Glomerular filtration rate ≥90 mL/min/1.73m2 was noted in 86.0% (37/43) and 84.9% (73/86) of renal units were morphometrically intact. More patients in group 2 (93.3%) relied on assisted emptying than in group 1 (53.6%). CONCLUSIONS: In ApTCS, enuresis was prevalent among patients without noticeable neurological symptoms. Over 80% in both groups had favorable renal function. Bladder conditions were different based on symptom onset period. Significantly more patients whose symptoms developed before completion of growth relied on assisted emptying. Proper discerning might be crucial in ApTCS which has a potential of misdiagnosis even in the modern developed era.
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