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정상 성인에서 음성 및 말소리 범위 프로파일을 이용한 발화 기본주파수 예측

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 Prediction of speaking fundamental frequency using the voice and speech range profiles in normal adults 
 이승진  ;  김재옥 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Speechc Sciences (말소리와 음성과학), Vol.11(3) : 49-55, 2019 
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 Journal of the Korean Society of Speechc Sciences (말소리와 음성과학) 
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voice range profile ; speech range profile ; speaking fundamental frequency ; VRP ; SRP
This study sought to investigate whether mean speaking fundamental frequency (SFF) can be predicted by parameters of voice and speech range profile (VRP and SRP) in Korean normal adults. Moreover, it explored whether gender differences exist in the absolute differences between the SFF and estimated SFF (ESFF) predicted by the VRP and SRP. A total of 85 native Korean speakers with normal voice participated in the study. Each participant was asked to perform the VRP task using the vowel /a/ and the SRP task using the first sentence of a Korean standard passage “Ga-eul”. In addition, the SFF was measured with electroglottography during a passage reading task. Predictive factors of the SFF were explored and the absolute difference between the SFF and the ESFF (DSFF) was compared between gender groups. Results indicated that predictive factors were age, gender, minimum pitch and pitch range for the VRP (adjusted R2 = .931), and pitch range (in semi-tones) and maximum pitch for the SRP (adjusted R2 = .963), respectively. The SFF and ESFF predicted by the VRP and SRP showed a strong positive correlation. The DSFF of the VRP and SRP, as well as their sum did not differ by gender. In conclusion, the SFF during a passage reading task could be successfully predicted by the parameters of the VRP and SRP tasks. In further studies, clinical implications need to be explored in patients who may exhibit deviations in SFF.
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