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의료사고시 환자로부터의 배상요구경험과 지불한 배상액에 영향을 미치는 요인에 대한 분석

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 A Study on Experience of the Indemnity Request from Patiences and Indemnity Paid of Malpractice 
 민혜영  ;  손명세 
 Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration (보건행정학회지), Vol.9(2) : 96-117, 1999 
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 Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration (보건행정학회지) 
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experience of indemnity ; indemnity ; malpractice ; cost estimation of malpractice
The purposes of the study was to analysis the factors on the physicians' indemnity experience and indemnity on malpractice. Data was collected from mail interview for the physicians from August, to October in 1996. Questions were asked to the physician who selected with random sample(n=8.338) about the opinion of malpractice insurance. experience that he(she) have requested the indemnity from patience. context of experienced indemnity and demographic characteristics of physician and patience. Response rate is 37.5%(n=3,124). This study was analyzed in two levels' the first. influential factors on whether physician has experience of indemnity and the second. influential factors of indemnity among physicians who had experienced the indemnity. The major findings were as follows : 1. Logistic regression on whether physicians had experience of indemnity request was conducted. And it indicated that statistically meaningful variables of model 1 (about all physicians) were department of surgery, physicians who have intention of insurance fee, physician age and income, physicians who owned the hospitals and statistically meaningful variables of model 11 (about physicians who owned the hospital) were department of surgery and internal treatment. 2. Multiple regression on the influential factors on indemnity was conducted. And it showed that statistically meaningful variables in model 1 were method of malpractice quarrel(physician association), whether physician had malpractice, whether suit succeeded, physician age, average practice time and income and whether physician owned the hospital and statistically meaningful variables of model 11 were whether physician had malpractice, number of outpatient, number of beds. As the conclusion, the thesis was examined about the variables related with experience of indemnity and cost of malpractice. But in order to prevent malpractice and promote medical quality, the reasonable system to solve a malpractice have to settle and cost estimation on malpractice is essential. Therefore an advanced research is progressed with methodology to decide the indemnity bases.
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