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PCR in situ hybridization을 이용한 자궁경부 병변에서의 인유두종 바이러스의 검출: In situ hybridization과의 비교

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 Detection of HPV in tissue of cervical lesion : Comparative study between in situ hybridization and PCR in situ hybridization 
 김재욱  ;  김영태  ;  문성은 
 Korean Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (대한산부인과학회잡지), Vol.42(11) : 2507-2512, 1999 
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 Korean Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (대한산부인과학회잡지) 
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Rudimentary uterine horn ; Agenesis of Kidney ; Endometriosis ; Adenomyosis
Objective: The aim of this study was to identify human papilloma virus(HPV) infection in cervical lesions by using polymerase chain reaction in situ hybridization(PCR-ISH) and to compare the results of PCR-ISH with conventional in situ hybridization(ISH) Methods: Forty-seven randomly chosen neutral-buffered formalhyde-fixed cervical biopsies in which cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and invasive cervical cancer had been diagnosed were tested for HPV DNA by PCR-ISH and ISH. The method of PCR-ISH includes deparaffinization of specimens, PCR amplification of DNA, in situ hybridization and detection of amplified products. Results: The positivity rate of ISH was 36% for all biopsies and 26%, 40% for CIN and invasive cancer respectively. By using PCR-ISH the positivity was 80%, 84% respectively. All PCR-ISH positive cases were ISH positive and no ISH positive was PCR-ISH negative. Conclusion: In our study HPV DNA, undetectable by standard in situ hybridization, was detectable by PCR in situ hybridization. Our study shows that PCR in situ hybridization is highly sensitive method for detection of HPV in cervical neoplastic specimens with morphological evidence.
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