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증상의 발현부터 치료의 시작까지 : 한국인의 공황장애 인식도 변화가 치료적 접근에 미친 영향

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 From the Onset of Panic Symptoms to Getting to a Psychiatric Treatment : The Change by Improved Public Awareness of Panic Disorder in Korea 
 최용원  ;  서호준  ;  한상우  ;  홍진표  ;  이경욱  ;  김세주  ;  임세원  ;  이상혁  ;  양종철  ;  이승재  ;  박선철  ;  김민숙  ;  채정호 
 Anxiety and Mood (대한불안의학회지), Vol.15(2) : 61-67, 2019 
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 Anxiety and Mood (대한불안의학회지) 
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Panic disorder ; Public awareness ; Psychiatric treatment ; Korean patients
Objective : This study aimed to investigate the general process from the symptom onset to the psychiatric treatment in Korean panic patients and the effect of improved public awareness on it. Methods : This study has a retrospective design. The subjects were the new patients with panic disorder who visited the psychiatric outpatient clinic in twelve university-affiliated hospitals all across Korea. The medical chart was reviewed retrospectively and the data were collected including chief complaints of symptoms, recent stressors, the time to visit the psychiatric outpatient clinic, and visit of other departments and diagnostic approaches for their symptoms. Results : A total of 814 participants were included in the study. The most common department other than psychiatry the panic patients visited were cardiology (28.3%), general internal medicine (16.0%) and neurology (11.4%). The most frequently used diagnostic tests were a echocardiography (17.9%), 24-hour Holter mon-itoring (11.2%), and brain MRI (8.2%). Only 37.3% of participants visited psychiatric clinic directly. About 80% of participants visited psychiatric department within 1 year after their first panic symptoms and it took 13.8±13.7 weeks on average. Comparing before and after 2012, the number of participants increased who visit directly the psychiatric clinic without visiting other departments (p=0.002) and without visiting emergency room (p<0.001). Conclusions : Our results suggest that a substantial number of patients visit departments other than psychiatry when they experience first panic symptoms. However, most patients begin psychiatric treatment within 1 year after their first symptoms and the number of patient are increasing who visit psychiatric department directly without visiting other departments.
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