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임시치관용레진 타입에 따른 색안정성, 기계적 및 화학적 특성 비교

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 Comparison of color stability, mechanical and chemical properties according to temporary crown resin type 
 양송이  ;  권지연  ;  노지수  ;  박소연  ;  박하은  ;  백은지  ;  임수연  ;  권재성 
 Korean Journal of Dental Materials (대한치과재료학회지), Vol.46(1) : 11-20, 2019 
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Korean Journal of Dental Materials(대한치과재료학회지)
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Color stability ; Flexural strength ; Micro hardness ; Temporary crown resin ; Water sorption and solubility
Objective of this study was to compare the color stability, mechanical and chemical properties of three different types of temporary crown resins. Commercially available powder-liquid (Group PL), light-cured (Group LC) and auto-mix syringe (Group AM) types’ temporary crown resins were used as experimental groups for each of the evaluation. All the test groups were evaluated after 1 day and 7 days of immersion in various staining solutions. The colors of all groups before and after storage in the staining solutions were measured by a spectrophotometer based on CIE Lab system, and the color differences (ΔE*) thereby calculated. Micro hardness test was performed before water storage and aging after 7 days at 37 ℃. In addition, flexural strength, water sorption and solubility tests were performed according to international standard, ISO 10477. All experimental groups showed significant color change in staining solutions when compared to those stored in the control solution (distilled water) (p<0.05). Group PL showed the least color change among the three groups followed by Group AM (p<0.05). This tendency was observed after 7 days of immersion. In terms of the micro hardness test, Group PL showed the highest value among the three groups followed by Group AM (p<0.05). Additionally, the flexural strength decreased in the following order: AM > PL > LC (p<0.05). Water sorption and solubility increased in the following order: AM < PL < LC (p<0.05). The results of this study would provide useful information when choosing temporary crown resin types in various clinical situations.
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