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 A Phonetic Analysis of Yodel Singing by the Electroglottographic(EGG) Measurement 
 서동일  ;  최홍식 
 Speech Sciences (음성과학), Vol.7(6) : 113-126, 2000 
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Speech Sciences(음성과학)
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Yodel singing ; Belcanto singing ; electroglottography(EGG) ; fundamental frequency ; vocal nodule
A comparative phonetic analysis of Yodel singing and Belcanto singing by the eletroglottographic(EGG) measurement was done in three singers. One professional tenor singer(SDI) who is also well trained in Yodel singing, another yodler(KWS) who is not so trained in Belcanto singing, and the other training tenor singer (CSK) who is not well trained both yodel and Belcanto singing.
Closed quotient(CQ), spped quotient(SQ) and fundamental frequency(FO) at the initial model part(I), middle falsetto part(M), and final model part(F) of the same phrase were measured by EFF machine and program(Kay model 4338).
In the middle part, not only CQ but also SQ of the Yodel singing were much smaller than that of Belcanto singing in all three singers. However, accuracy of parameters in belcanto singing of the yodler(KWS) and both Yodel singing and Belcanto singing of the training singer(CSK) were inferior to that of trained tenor singer(SDI).
Possible advantages of utilizing Yodel singing training under the guidance of feedback control by the EGG for hyperfunctional voice disorders such as vocal nodules were discussed.
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