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만성적 소음노출과 혈압의 상관성에 관한 메타분석

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 A Meta-analysis on the Association between Chronic Noise Exposure and Blood Pressure 
 김춘배  ;  고상백  ;  김재용  ;  차봉석  ;  최홍렬  ;  이종태  ;  남정모  ;  이상윤  ;  왕승준  ;  박기호  ;  김대열 
 Korean Journal of Preventive Medicine (예방의학회지), Vol.33(3) : 343-348, 2000 
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Korean Journal of Preventive Medicine(예방의학회지)
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Chronic noise exposure ; Blood pressure ; Meta-analysis
OBJECTIVES: This study was conducted to integrate the results of studies assessing the association between chronic noise exposure and blood pressure. METHODS: Using a MEDLINE search with noise exposure, blood pressure and hypertension as key words, we retrieved articles from the literature that were published from 1980 to December 1999. The criteria for quality evaluation were as follows: 1) the study subjects must have been workers employed at a high noise level area 2) The paper should use average and cumulative noise exposure as method for exposure evaluation. 3) Blood pressure in each article should be reported in a continuous scale Among the 77 retrieved articles, six studies were selected for quantitative meta-analysis. Before the integration of the regression coefficients for the association between blood pressure and noise level, homogeneity tests were conducted. RESULTS: All studies were a cross-sectional design and the study subjects were industrial workers. Five papers used a time-weighted average for noise exposure and only one paper calculated the cumulative noise exposure level. The measurement of blood pressure in the majority of studies were accomplished in a resting state, and used an average of two or more readings. The homogeneity of studies was rejected in a fixed effect model, so we used the results in a random effect model. The results of the quantitative meta-analysis, the weighted regression coefficient of noise associated with systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure were 0.05 (95% confidence interval [CI]: -0.03, 0.13) and 0.06 (95% CI: -0.01, 0.13), respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Our results suggested that chronic exposure to industrial noise does not cause elevated blood pressure.
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