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기대수준 측정방법에 따른 고객만족도 측정에 관한 연구

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 Measuring Expectations in Assessment of Consumer Satisfaction by SERVQUAL 
 이선희  ;  최귀선  ;  강명근  ;  조우현 
 Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration, Vol.10(3) : 155-168, 2000 
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 Korean Journal of Health Policy and Administration (보건행정학회지) 
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SERVQUAL ; Expectations ; Performance
The SERVQUAL scale is based on the gap theory, which indicates the difference between consumers' expectations and their actual performance. In SERVQUAL scale, the expectations are defined as a "feasible ideal point"(ex, An Excellent hospital has up-to-date equipment). But empirical research identified important problems concerning the conceptual definitions of expectations. They suggests the usage of "desired expectations". Desired expectations are defined as the level at which the consumer predict the service that the organization they visited will perform(ex, $\bigcirc\bigcirc$ hospital has up-to-date equipment). The purpose of this study was to compare the feasible ideal point expectations with desired expectations in assessment of consumer expectations using SERVQUAL scale. We developed two types of questionnaires : (1) to measure feasible ideal point expectations, (2) to measure desired expections. Questionnaire were distributed to ambulatory patients who used the medical service. Total 329 patients participated the hosiptal satisfaction questionnaire(167 for feasible ideal point expectations, 162 for desired expectations). The major finding is as follows: (1) the SERVQUAL scale which was computed by the feasible ideal point showed the higher explanatory power in consumer satisfaction (R2=0.26) than the other identified alternatives(desired expectation, R2=0.11) The results of a study suggests that the feasible ideal point were more conceptually suitable to assess of consumer satisfaction using SERVQUAL scale.SERVQUAL scale.
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