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도파민 길항제에 치료 불응성인 기능성 소화불량증 환자에서 시사프리드의 효과

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 Efficacy of Cisapride in Patients with Functional Dyspepsia Resistant to Dopamine Antagonists 
 이상인  ;  서원태  ;  박인서  ;  이용찬  ;  이동기  ;  이광재  ;  김도영  ;  신용운  ;  김영수  ;  김범수  ;  김동기 
 Korean Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility (대한소화관운동학회지), Vol.6(2) : 222-230, 2000 
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Korean Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility(대한소화관운동학회지)
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Epigastric soreness ; Bernstein test ; Cisapride tartrate ; Gastroesophageal reflux disease
Background/Aims: Prokinetics are commonly used for the treatment of functional dyspesia, but their methods of action are different. First, we compared the efficacy and safety of the dopamine receptor antagonists, which were domperidone maleate and levosulpiride, in a 2 week treatment in functional dyspepsia, then investigated the efficacy and safety of cisapride tartrate in a 2 week treatment in those who were resistant to domperidone maleate or levosulpiride. Methods: One hundred Forty-nine patients, who were diagnosed with functional dyspepsia, were selected. The subjects were randomly divided into two groups, domperidone maleate (75) and levosupiride (74). Daily they took 30mg of domperidone maleate (DOM) or 75mg of levosulpiride (LEV) for 2 weeks. Then the subjects who didn' t respond to these treatments took 30mg of cisapride tartrate for the following 2 weeks.
Results: At week 0, the total symptom scores of the DOM group and LEV group were 8.01±2.57 and 8.14± 2.65 respectively, which were not statistically different. At week 2, the total symptom scores of the DOM and LEV groups were significantly reduced to 4.28±3.30 and 4.85±3.53(p=0.0001). The efficacy rates of the DOM and LEV groups at week 2 were 50.8% vs. 44.1%. The rate of adverse events in the LEV groups was much higher than in the DOM group(17.7% vs. 8.0%). In addition the rate of change from normal to abnomal in prolactin level was markedly higher in the LEV than that of the DOM group(80.0% vs. 8.3%). After 2 weeks of treatment with cisapride tartrate, the total symptom score was significantly reduced to 3.77±2.49(p=0.0001), and the efficacy rate was 75.0%. The satisfaction of the resistant subjects in efficacy of cisapride compared with the previous treatment was 73.3%. The rate of adverse events of cisapride tartrate was 5.0%.
Conclusions: Considering efficacy and safety of domperidone maleate and levosulpiride, domperidone maleate was the safer drug for the treatment of functional dyspepsia, and cisapride tartrate can be a useful drug in those patients who are resistant to dopamine antagonists like domperidone maleate and levosulpiride.
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