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소아 마취시 기관내 삽관과 후두마스크 거치에 따른 심혈관계 반응

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 Comparison of endotracheal tube and laryngeal mask airway in pediatric anesthesia 
 구본녀  ;  김기준  ;  배선준  ;  남용택  ;  김승호 
 Korean Journal of Pediatric Anesthesia (소아마취), Vol.4(1) : 37-41, 2000 
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Korean Journal of Pediatric Anesthesia(소아마취)
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Anesthesia ; outpatient ; pediatric ; Anesthetic technique ; endotracheal ; laryngeal mask ; Pain ; postoperative
Background : Intubating a patient undergoing general anesthesia increases the blood pressure and heart rate by stimulating cardiovascular system. And patient might experience sore throat and hoarseness after extubation. Since laryngeal mask airway (LMA), which is widely used in these days, doesn't actually pass through the glottic area, one can easily guess of lower complication rate. This report compares intubation with LMA on thier cardiovascular effects, development of sore throat, and hoarsness.
Methods: Among children scheduled for elective minor surgery, 25 of them with ASA class 1 were chosen. Those with recent URI symtoms were excluded. In the control group, patients were intubated, and in the study group, patients were inserted with LMA. From each group, systolic pressure, Diastolic pressure, and heart rate were recorded 1, 3, and 5 min after intubation or LMA insertion and extubation or LMA removal. By comparing the data before and after the induction, maximal change was calculated in percentage (%). The day after the surgery, intensity of sore throat and hoareseness were checked.
Results: There were no significant differences in age, weight, operation time and anesthesia time between two groups. Cardiovascular system was stimulated less with LMA. The change in diasolic pressure and heart rate were statistically significant. The pain score after 15 and 30 min were also statistically significant. The hoareseness and sore throat had no difference between two groups.
Conclusions: In childeren undergoing general anesthesia, LMA insertion and removal showed lesser cardiovascular stimulation, which made smoother induction possible as well as decreasing the pain sensed on awakening.
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