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인간의 정상 자궁내막조직에서의 BCK-2와 BAX 단백질의 발현

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 BCL-2 and BAX Expression in Normal Human Endometrium 
 홍순옥  ;  이병석  ;  양우익  ;  이지성  ;  차동현  ;  조용선  ;  김정연  ;  박기현  ;  조동제  ;  송찬호 
 Korean Journal of the Fertility and Sterility, Vol.27(3) : 245-252, 2000 
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Korean Journal of the Fertility and Sterility(대한불임학회지)
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Endometrium ; BCL-2 ; BAX ; Apoptosis
Objective: To investigate the distribution of BCL-2, BAX proteins and DNA fragmented cells in the normal human endometrium during at each menstrual cycle in order to find out whether apoptosis regulates cyclic endometrial change. Methods: Normal endometrial tissues were obtained from 40 patients, $32{\sim}45$ year of age, all with regular menstrual cycle, who were undergoing abdominal hysterectomy for myoma of uterus or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia for the period from 1992 through 1997. Immunohistochemical staining was used to determine the expression of BCL-2 and BAX protein with paraffin-embedded tissues. Results: BCL-2 was expressed on the glandular epithelial cells and stromal cells during the proliferative phase. The intensity of BCL-2 was increased predominantly on the basal layer than the functional layer in late proliferative phase. However, BCL-2 immunoreactivity was decreased in the secretory phase. BAX was expressed predominantly during the secretory phase. The intesity was increased in late secretory phase rather than early secretory phase. DNA fragmented cells were detected in a few cells at each phase. However, it was increased during the late secretory phase. Conclusion: Apoptosis-related genes, BCL-2 and BAX, may play a role in the regulation of cyclic endometrial change.
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