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κLight chain에 의한 Fanconi's syndrome에서 골연화증과 사구체 죽세포의 족돌기 소실을 보인 1예

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 A Case of Adult Fanconi`s Syndrome with Glomerular Podocyte Foot Process Effacement and osteomalacia Induced by kLight Chain Disease 
 남재현  ;  최규헌  ;  박기현  ;  안철우  ;  송영득  ;  임승길  ;  이현철  ;  허갑범 
 Journal of Korea Society of Endocrinology (대한내분비학회지), Vol.15(4) : 627-633, 2000 
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Journal of Korea Society of Endocrinology(대한내분비학회지)
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Adult Fanconi`s syndrome ; light chain disease ; Osteomalacia ; Foot process effacement
The Fanconi`s syndrome is characterized by generalized disturbance of proximal tubular function. It leads to excessive losses of amino acids, glucose, phosphate, bicarbonate, and other substrates handled by the proximal tubules. The metabolic consequences are acidosis, hypophosphatemia, hypocalcemia, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and growth retardation. Adult Fanconi`s syndrome is mostly secondary form caused by multiple myeloma, primary amyloidosis, light chain nephropathy, and heavy metal poisoning. We experienced 50-year-old woman with r light chain disease whose chief complaints were weakness of both lower extremities and multiple bone pain. This patient had renal glycosuria, hypercalciuria, normal anion gap type metabolic acidosis, osteomalacia and normal distal tubule acidification. Her bone marrow biopsy showed inappropriate proliferation of plasma cell. The patient underwent percutaneous renal biopsy in which was exceptionally observed focal effacement of podocyte foot process. So we report a case of osteomalacia caused by adult Fanconi`s syndrome and foot process effacement by κ-light chain disease (J Kor Soc Endocrinol 15:627-633, 2000).
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