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간경변증 환자에서 일회성 대량 복수천자에 따른 혈역동학적 변화 -혈장증량제로서 알부민 투여가 미치는 영향을 중심으로

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 Hemodynamic changes after single large volume paracentesis(SLVP) in cirrhosis with tense ascites - Focusing on the effect of albumin as a 
 백순구  ;  김현수  ;  김일회  ;  권상옥 
 Korean Journal of Medicine (대한내과학회지), Vol.58(3) : 276-282, 2000 
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Korean Journal of Medicine(대한내과학회지)
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Single large volume paracentesis ; Cirrhos is with tense ascites ; Hemodynamic change ; Albumin administration
Background : In patients with cirrhosis, single large volume paracentesis(SLVP) is an effective and
safe treatment for the tense ascites. But the need for routine administration of albumin remains
controversial. We investigated the necessity of albumin administration in cirrhosis with tense ascites
after SLVP.
Methods : 23 patients with cirrhosis with tense ascites were recruited, and examined before and
48 hour after a SLVP. Patients were randomly ass igned to be administrated with albumin(6 g/L of
ascites removed, n=11) or not(n=12). Systemic and renal hemodynamic parameters (mean arterial
blood pressure, cardiac index, systemic vascular resistance index, resistive index of kidney, and
serum creatinine), indices as sociated with sodium homeostas is (urine sodium and osmolarity) and
neurohumoral factors such as plasma renin activity and plasma concentration of aldosterone were
measured before and 48 hour after a SLVP.
Results : There was no s ignificant difference in clinical and laboratory parameters between two
groups at entry into the s tudy. Plasma renin activity was s ignificantly increased 48 hour after a
SLVP in patients without albumin administration, but the change of plasma renin activity before and
after paracentesis(Δplasma renin activity) was not significantly different between two groups. T here
was no difference in the mean arterial blood pressure, cardiac index, systemic vascular resistance
index, resistive index of kidney, serum creatinine, urine sodium and osmolarity and plasma
concentration of aldos terone between two groups after SLVP.
Conclus ion : Single large volume paracentesis without albumin administration is a safe and
effective treatment in cirrhosis with tense ascites.(Korean J Med 58:276- 282, 2000)
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