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In vitro and in vivo experiments of a novel intra-arterial neurovascular decompressor for treating neurovascular compression syndromes: a brief report

 Youngjae Chun  ;  Yanfei Chen  ;  Moataz Elsisy  ;  Joseph Sukinik  ;  Puneeth Shridhar  ;  Jun-Kyu Park  ;  Yong Bae Kim  ;  Chang-Ki Hong  ;  Joonho Chung 
 NEUROLOGICAL RESEARCH, Vol.41(7) : 665-670, 2019 
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Endovascular treatment ; Hemifacial spasm ;  Neurovascular compression syndrome ; Nitinol ; Trigeminal neuralgia
Objectives: Neurovascular compression syndromes (NVCS) could be cured with an intravascular device that releases compression of the root entry zone of cranial nerves by changing the course of offending vessels. The purpose of this study was to report our results of in vitro and in vivo experiments with a novel intra-arterial neurovascular decompressor (IA-NVD) for NVCS. Methods: A nitinol-based IA-NVD was developed to release pressure applied to the root entry zone of cranial nerves by changing the course or angle of an offending vessel, which can possibly cure NVCS. We performed in vitro tests for safety and feasibility and preliminary in vivo tests up to 4 weeks for safety. Results: The bending stiffness of the device was similar to but slightly stronger than that of current, closed-cell intracranial stents. Hemocompatibility tests showed no significant thrombogenesis in whole blood. After the 4-week follow-up, all animals (20-month-old female Gottingen mini-pigs weighing 15–18 kg, n = 4) had a normal upright position and gait. Scanning electron microscopy images and H&E staining of arteries containing the devices showed good neointima formation on the devices. Intima hyperplasia occurred over wires and connecting tubes, but it did not interrupt the patency of the arterial lumen. Discussion: An IA-NVD was created and tested to demonstrate its functionality and biocompatibility in the present experiments. The device may be safely applied to intracranial arteries, providing us a chance to test the efficacy of an upgrade version of the device on changing the course of an artery that compresses a cranial nerve. Abbreviations: CN = cranial nerve; EVT = endovascular treatment; H&E = hematoxylin and eosin; HFS = hemifacial spasm; IA-NVD = intra-arterial neurovascular decompressor; MVD = microvascular decompression; NVCS = neurovascular compression syndrome; REZ = root entry zone; SEM = scanning electron microscopy; TN = trigeminal neuralgia
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