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How can we enhance the performance of liver stiffness measurement using ...

Seung Up Kim ; Do Young Kim ; Jun Yong Park ; Jin Ha Lee ; Sang Hoon Ahn ; Ja... JOURNAL OF CLINICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY, Vol.44(1) : 66-71, 2010

Prediction of recurrence of early gastric cancer after curative resection

Ji Fu Lai ; Sungsoo Kim ; Kiyeol Kim ; Chen Li ; Sung Jin Oh ; Woo Jin Hyung ... ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, Vol.16(7) : 1896-1902, 2009

Negative capsule endoscopy without subsequent enteroscopy does not predi...

Jae Jun Park ; Jae Hee Cheon ; Hee Man Kim ; Hyeun Sung Park ; Chang Mo Moon ... GASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY, Vol.71(6) : 990-997, 2010

Dept. of Health Promotion (건강의학과)

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