Dept. of Conservative Dentistry (보존과학교실)

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Biologically based treatment of immature permanent teeth with pulpal nec...

Il-Young Jung ; Seung-Jong Lee ; Kenneth M. Hargreaves Journal of Endodontics, Vol.34(7) : 876-887, 2008

Tooth discoloration of immature permanent incisor associated with triple...

Jong-Hyun Kim ; Yuran Kim ; Su-Jung Shin ; Jeong-Won Park ; Il-Young Jung Journal of Endodontics, Vol.36(6) : 1086-1091, 2010

Morphology of maxillary first and second molars analyzed by cone-beam co...

Yemi Kim ; Seung-Jong Lee ; Jein Woo Journal of Endodontics, Vol.38(8) : 1063-1068, 2012

Dept. of Conservative Dentistry (보존과학교실)

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