Dept. of Advanced General Dentistry (통합치의학과)

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A proposal for a new analysis of craniofacial morphology by 3-dimensiona...

Sun-Hyung Park ; Hyung-Seog Yu ; Kee-Deog Kim ; Kee-Joon Lee ; Hyoung-Seon Baik AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS, Vol.129(5) : 600-34, 2006

Maxillary sinus septa: Prevalence, height, location, and morphology. A r...

Min-Jung Kim ; Ui-Won Jung ; Chang-Sung Kim ; Kee-Deog Kim ; Seong-Ho Choi ; ... JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY, Vol.77(5) : 903-908, 2006

Enhanced bone regeneration with a gold nanoparticle-hydrogel complex

Dong Nyoung Heo ; Wan-Kyu Ko ; Min Soo Bae ; Jung Bok Lee ; Deok-Won Lee ; Wo... JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B, Vol.2(11) : 1584-1593, 2014

Dept. of Advanced General Dentistry (통합치의학과)

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