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Comparison of perioperative outcomes between robotic and laparoscopic pa...

Ji Eun Choi ; Ji Hye You ; Dae Keun Kim ; Koon Ho Rha ; Seon Heui Lee EUROPEAN UROLOGY, Vol.67(5) : 891-901, 2015

Nocturnal enuresis: an international evidence based management strategy

K. HJALMAS ; T. ARNOLD ; C.K. YEUNG ; J. VANDE WALLE ; L. ROBSON ; S. RITTIG ... JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, Vol.171(6 Pt 2) : 2545-2561, 2004

Analysis of Intracorporeal Compared with Extracorporeal Urinary Diversio...

Kamran Ahmed ; Shahid A. Khan ; Matthew H. Hayn ; Piyush K. Agarwal ; Ketan K... EUROPEAN UROLOGY, Vol.65(2) : 340-347, 2014

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