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 Understanding of Neuroimaging and Its Perspectives in Mental Illnesses 
 Jae-Jin Kim  ;  Kiwan Han  ;  Jung Suk Lee  ;  Soo Hee Choi 
 Korean Journal of Biological Psychiatry (생물정신의학), Vol.18(1) : 5-14, 2011 
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 Korean Journal of Biological Psychiatry (생물정신의학) 
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Neuroimaging ; Brain structure ; Brain function ; Mental illnesses
Neuroimaging in psychiatry encompasses the powerful tools available for the in vivo study of brain structure and function. MRI including the volumetry, voxel-base morphometry(VBM) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) are useful for assessing brain structure, whereas function MRI, positron emission tomography(PET) and magnetoencephalography(MEG) are well established for probing brain function. These tools are well tolerated by the vast majority of psychiatric patients because they provide a powerful but noninvasive means to directly evaluate the brain. Although neuroimaging technology is currently used only to rule in or rule out general medical conditions as opposed to diagnosing primary mental disorders, it may be used to confirm or make psychiatric diagnoses in the future. In addition, neuroimaging may be valuable for predicting the natural course of psychiatric illness as well as treatment response.
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