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섬망 환자에서 항정신병약물 처방 유형에 따른 임상 경과의 차이

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 Clinical Course according to Antipsychotics Prescription Pattern in Delirium 
 박재섭  ;  김재진  ;  박성종  ;  김성민  ;  박진영 
 Korean Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine (정신신체의학), Vol.25(2) : 120-128, 2017 
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Korean Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine(정신신체의학)
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Delirium ; Antipsychotics ; Prescription pattern ; Clinical course ; CAM-ICU
Objectives : Although antipsychotics are commonly used to control symptoms of delirium, there is a lack of research on the prescription pattern and its clinical effects. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of antipsychotics prescription pattern on clinical course of delirious patients consulted to psychiatry. Methods : During the period from July 2016 to February 2017, 212 patients who were referred for delirium were reviewed for their medical records. The duration of delirium was monitored using CAM-ICU, and duration of admission, mortality, and delirium at discharge were reviewed. Clinical course was compared among three groups according to the antipsychotic drug administration pattern: Continuous use group, optimal use group and PRN use group. Results : The pattern of taking antipsychotic medication longer than duration of delirium did not associated with better clinical course compared with the pattern of adapting to the period of delirium and rather increased the risk of taking antipsychotic medication at discharge. When used for a shorter period than the delirium period, it was associated with poor clinical course. Conclusions : The results of this study suggest that a strategy to administer antipsychotics for a minimum period, according to periods of delirium, is appropriate. Also, efforts are needed to minimize the use of antipsychotic drugs after recovery from delirium.
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