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The Korea National Suicide Survey (KNSS) : Rationale and Design

 Bora Kim  ;  Keum Ji Jung  ;  Sang Uk Lee  ;  Jonghan Sea  ;  Eun Young Kim  ;  Se Hyun Kim  ;  Sun Ha Jee  ;  Jong-Ik Park  ;  Kyungil Kim  ;  Yong Min Ahn 
 Korean Journal of Biological Psychiatry (생물정신의학), Vol.22(1) : 1-6, 2015 
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 Korean Journal of Biological Psychiatry (생물정신의학) 
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Suicide ; Nationwide survey ; Rationale ; Design
Suicide, the fourth leading cause of death in Korea, is a serious national problem. The Korea National Suicide Survey (KNSS) is the result of the first legislation to address this issue, “Article 11 of THE ACT FOR THE PREVENTION OF SUICIDE AND THE CREATION OF A CULTURE OF RESPECT FOR LIFE” (the “Act for the Prevention of Suicide”). To overcome the limitations of previous studies, the KNSS was designed by collaborators from a variety of fields : psychology, epidemiology, social welfare, and psychiatry. The KNSS was composed of four substudies that addressed the multifaceted process involved in suicide-related behavior over time, exploring general attitudes toward suicide and suicidal ideation, suicide planning, suicide attempts, and completed suicides. Study 1 examined the risk factors for suicide based on data regarding completed suicides ; Study 2 adopted the approach of a psychological autopsy ; Study 3 focused on suicide attempters ; and Study 4 explored attitudes toward suicide in the general population. The KNSS was designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of suicide from a longitudinal, multifaceted perspective to serve as a basis for policies aimed at suicide prevention.
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