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혈액투석환자 대상 반정량적 식품섭취빈도 조사법과 7일간 식사기록법을 이용한 일상 식품과 영양소 섭취수준 비교

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 Comparison Between Semi-Quantitative Frequency Methods and 7-day Dietary Records Methods in Food and Nutrition Intake Status For Hemodialysis Patients 
 류동열  ;  김정현  ;  김현정  ;  경민숙  ;  박정탁 
 Korean Journal of Community Nutrition (대한지역사회영양학회지), Vol.22(5) : 426-440, 2017 
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 Korean Journal of Community Nutrition (대한지역사회영양학회지) 
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semi-quantitative frequency method ; 7-day dietary records method ; hemodialysis patients
Objectives: The valid assessment of food and nutrients intakes using appropriate dietary intake method is necessary to improve the nutritional status of the hemodialysis (HD) patients. This study was conducted to compare the method between newly developed, semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire (Semi-FFQ) and 7-day dietary records (7-DRs) for hemodialysis patients. Methods: We conducted both methods on 53 maintenance HD patients in two university hospitals. We calibrated the frequency, portion size and daily intake of 47 food items reported in Semi-FFQ. The food and nutrients intake was compared and the correlation of the two methods was analyzed. Also each nutrient intake was compared to recommended dietary allowance for Korean (KDRIs) and recommended nutrient reference value for HD patients. Results: Energy and energy-yielding nutrients intakes were significantly higher in the two methods (p<0.01). These support the possible reliability between Semi-FFQ and 7-DRs that is similar with regard to most mineral and vitamin intakes. Thus, the Semi-FFQ used in this study for the assessment of nutrient intakes of HD patients can be reliable for the assessment of the nutrient intake along with the 7-DRs. The correlation coefficients were higher for foods consumed daily, such as steamed rice, meat and chicken, bean, egg, milk, coffee and alcohol than for those of foods eaten rarely (p<0.01). Conclusions: The Semi-FFQ used in this study can be a reliable tool for the assessment of the HD patients’ nutrient intake along with the 7-DRs, despite its limitations.
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