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고혈압, 당뇨, 뇌졸중 유병률에 대한 지역적 공간 자기상관 분석: 한국의 사례에 대하여

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 Local Spatial Autocorrelation Analysis of 3 Disease Prevalence: A Case Study of Korea 
 주성하  ;  노주환  ;  김창수  ;  허준 
 Journal of Health Informatics and Statistics (보건정보통계학회지), Vol.42(4) : 301-308, 2017 
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Journal of Health Informatics and Statistics(보건정보통계학회지)
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Hypertension ; Diabetes ; Stroke ; Disease prevalence ; Local spatial autocorrelation
Objectives: This study aims to derive correlation between disease prevalence and geographical adjacency, by using global and local autocorrelation.
Methods: In order to derive the correlation, data provided by community health survey was utilized. The data contains disease prevalence rate for
hypertension, diabete mellitus, stroke in 2012, covering the whole South Korea. Global autocorrelation analysis was implemented to derive the spatial
characteristics of each disease prevalence rate, and local autocorrelation analysis was implemented to derive local spatial patterns of each disease prevalence
rate. All the results are visualized into disease prevalence map. Results: All three diseases had significant spatial autocorrelation, and unique local
clustering patterns were derived when local autocorrelation analysis was conducted. Spatial outliers, where disease prevalence rate was significantly different,
were found and analyzed accordingly. Conclusions: The result of the study brought new insight towards spatial patterns of disease prevalence
rate. The patterns of each diseases were unique, and spatial adjacency factor was found to be a grave influential factor in terms of disease prevalence
rate. Also outlier regions, where disease prevalence rate is critically higher or lower and adjacent regions, were used for further analysis to figure out the
reasons for disease prevalence. This study allows understanding of spatial characteristics of disease prevalence rate, thus enabling the spatial factors to
be considered in terms of disease causation analysis, which can aid in decision making and resolving unbalanced medical service of community.
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