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Determination of the optimal depth of a left internal jugular venous catheter in infants: A prospective observational study

 Ji‐Hyun Lee  ;  Hyo‐Jin Byon  ;  Yoon‐Hyeong Choi  ;  In‐Kyung Song  ;  Jin‐Tae Kim  ;  Hee‐Soo Kim 
 PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA, Vol.27(12) : 1220-1226, 2017 
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body height ; central venous catheter ; infant ; jugular veins
BACKGROUND: Few reports exist regarding the optimal depth of a left-sided central venous catheter in pediatric patients. We aimed to provide a guideline for the optimal depth of central venous catheters at the left internal jugular vein in infants, using anatomical landmarks, age, height, and weight.

METHODS: A two-stage study was conducted. In the first observational study, infants aged ≤1 year and scheduled for elective surgery requiring a central venous catheter were enrolled. The tip of the central venous catheter was confirmed using transthoracic echocardiography. Linear regression modeling was performed to determine the association between the insertion depth of the central venous catheter and the I-A-B distance (I, the insertion point; A, the sternal head of the left clavicle; B, the midpoint of the perpendicular line drawn between the sternal head of the right clavicle and an imaginary line between the nipples), based on age, height, and weight. In the second study, the results of the first study were validated in another group of consecutive infants.

RESULTS: In the first study, the data of 67 patients were analyzed. The infant's height and I-A-B distance were highly correlated with the level of the central venous catheter tip (R2 =0.763 and 0.772, respectively; all P < .01), using the regression equations 0.11 × height (cm) + 0.19 and 1.02 × I-A-B (cm) + 1.55, respectively. In the second study, height was also highly correlated with the insertion depth of the central venous catheter in another 42 infants (r = .938, P = <.001). In a Bland-Altman's analysis, the mean bias and precision of the actual insertion depth and predicted depth using height were 0.09 and 0.15 cm, respectively. The limits of agreement were -0.19 and 0.38 cm, respectively.

CONCLUSION: In infants, the optimal depth of a central venous catheter at the left internal jugular vein can be determined with a simple formula using height.
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