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갑상샘 기능 이상에 따른 우울증 환자의 임상적 특징에 대한 후향적 연구

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 A Retrospective Study of Clinical Characteristics of Depressive Patients with Thyroid Dysfunction 
 김재민  ;  이은  ;  윤혜진  ;  송윤주 
 Journal of Korean Society for Depressive and Bipolar Disorders (우울ㆍ조울병), Vol.9(3) : 171-176, 2011 
Journal Title
 Journal of Korean Society for Depressive and Bipolar Disorders (우울ㆍ조울병) 
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우울증 ; 갑상선기능저하증 ; 갑상선호르몬 ; 갑상선기능 ; Depression ; Hypothyroidism ; Thyroid hormone ; Thyroid function
Objectives : Many clinicians emphasized the importance of thyroid function test in all patients with depressive symptoms. But, there’s no data of thyroid dysfunction in depressed patients. The authors studied the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in depressive patients. Next we compared the clinical characteristics between depressive patients with thyroid dysfunction and the patients with normal thyroid function. Method : We reviewed medical records of the inpatients and the outpatients who were diagnosed as depression between October 2009 and October 2010. Review of demographic factor, medico-surgical or psychiatric history, family history of thyroid disease or psychiatric disorder, medications, somatic symptoms and the values of thyroid function test were performed. Results : Twenty nine persons in total 137 depressed patients showed abnormal thyroid function ; 7 showed hyperthyroidism and 20 showed hypothyroidism. Comparing the patients with normal thyroid function, 20 patients with hypothyroidism showed higher female ratio, older age, and more psychiatric past history and more medical history other than thyroid disease. Conclusion : The prevalence of abnormal thyroid function in depressive patients was 20%, which is higher than those in general populations. Our result may help clinicians consider clinical characteristics of depression with hypothyroidism. (J of Kor Soc for Dep and Bip Disorders 2011;9:171-176)
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