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갑상선 유두암 환자의 전절제술 후 부갑상선 기능 저하증의 위험 인자

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 Risk Factors of Postoperative Hypocalcemia after Total Thyroidectomy of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Patients 
 성지영  ;  이초록  ;  김민지  ;  김태형  ;  이슬기  ;  최정범  ;  반은정  ;  강상욱  ;  이잔디  ;  정종주  ;  남기현  ;  정웅윤  ;  박정수 
 Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery (대한내분비외과학회지), Vol.16(3) : 70-78, 2016 
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Korean journal of Endocrine Surgery(대한내분비외과학회지)
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Hypocalcemia ; Risk factors ; Total thyroidectomy ; Papillary thyroid cancer
Purpose : Postoperative hypocalcemia is a common complication of thyroidectomy. This study evaluated the incidence and predisposing risk factors for postoperative permanent hypocalcemia after total thyroidectomy.

Methods : There were 1,247 consecutive patients undergoing total thyroidectomy and complete treatment and observation for differentiated thyroid cancer between January 2012 to December 2012 who were enrolled in this study. Patients were divided into two groups, those remaining normalcalcemic (Group I-824 pts) and those who had hypocalcemia requiring treatment (Groups II-423 pts). Group II was subdivided into a transient hypocalcemic group (Group IIA-409 pts) and a permanent hypocalcemic group (Group IIB-14 pts).

Results : Female gender, thyroiditis, preserved parathyroid number, lateral lymph node metastasis, RAI treatment, preoperative parathyroid hormone and preoperative vitamin D were significantly associated with the development of postoperative hypocalcemia by multivariate analysis. Comparing patients with transient versus permanent hypocalcemia, tumor size and multiplicity were significantly related to the development of permanent hypocalcemia by multivariate analysis. RAI treatment and parathyroid hormone level on the postoperative third day were significantly related to recovery from transient hypocalcemia to normo-calcemia.

Conclusion : Risk factors of postoperative hypocalcemia were associated with preoperative patient factors and advanced thyroid cancer. Advanced thyroid cancer was a risk factor for permanent hypocalcemia. To prevent postoperative hypocalcemia, we should focus on patient condition and need to preserve parathyroid gland more carefully in thyroid surgery.
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