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북한주민들의 사회의식 및 김일성 부자에 대한 태도 조사 : 남한 내 탈북자들에 대한 설문 조사를 중심으로

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 Study on the North Korean People`s Social Consciousness 2 -Survey Results on the North Korean Defectors in South Korea 
 Korean Unification Studies (통일연구), Vol.9(1) : 43-72, 2005 
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 Korean Unification Studies (통일연구) 
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Objectives: In North Korea, Kim Il Sung is at the center of the national social system and people`s consciousness. For future unification between the two Koreans, this study surveyed the thoughts and opinions of North Korean defectors on Kim Il Sung and unification to understand better the mentality of the North Korean people, in general. Methods: Hanawon, a national institute for North Korean defectors who recently entered South Korea, provides education for their adaptation to a new society. At Hanawon, 214 defectors were surveyed in the July and October of 2002. Results: The results showed that North Korean people think the humanitarian support of South Korea to North Korea as acts of nationalism and warmth. They stated the two Koreas should be unified to establish ``one nation`` and ``to stop the economic difficulty and food shortage`` at the similar rate of frequency. North Korean people respect Kim Il Sung very much and the main reason seems to be that "he saved our country from the Japanese` colonialism". More the men, women were more nationalistic and had ideas that corresponded to the propaganda spread by the North Korean government. As the educational level increased, the respondents were more suspicious of the reason for humanitarian support by South Korea. Conclusions: To make preparation for the future Korean unification, it is necessary to understand North Korean people`s ideas about these issues and develop ideas on how to solve these issues in the process and after unification; First, we need to study more about the strong nationalistic mood, second, their strong respect to Kim II Sung, third, their strong ambivalence about their own country, the feeling of fear and national pride, all of which are in direct conflict with the ideals of the USA, the strongest country in the world.
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