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서울특별시 개원 치과의사의 의료사고 및 분쟁의 유형과 대책에 관한 연구(2004년)

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 A Study on Types and Counterplans of Medical Accident Experienced by Dentists in Seoul(2004) 
 윤정아  ;  강진규  ;  안형준  ;  최종훈  ;  김종열 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Oral Medicine (대한구강내과학회지), Vol.30(2) : 163-199, 2005 
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Journal of Korean Academy of Oral Medicine(대한구강내과학회지)
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Dentistry had been considered to be a relatively safe zone from the risk of medical accidents for there are less number of emergency cases. However, in these days, the number of medical dispute is increasing that the dentists would not be able to overlook it as if it is none of their matters. Hence, researches on various medical accidents and analyses on related matters to seek proper management have been carried out recently, but the datas are not enough yet. This study analysed the actual conditions of medical accidents as well as disputes and the general awareness of dental practitioners in local clinics with the purpose of understanding the general situation and to suggest counterplan. The study was conducted by analysing 1,882 questionnaires collected from total of 3,684 dentists belonging to Seoul Dental Association and where Doctors and Hospitals Medical Malpractice Insurance for dentists is administered. The results were as follows: 1. 98.47% of the respondents doubted the risk of medical accident and dispute. 2. 27.42% of the respondents experienced medical dispute, and there was no significant difference between the rate of medical disputes and the resident training. 3. Among the cases of medical accidents, those related to the periodontal/operative treatment showed the highest rate of 20.50%, and that related to implant treatment was 6.17%. 4. 43.02% of the respondents explained about the treatment procedure before the treatment while 25.90% started the treatment without consent of the patients. 5. Medical dispute resulted from not having any explanation or consent of the patients were of 16.55%. 10.26% had difficulties in solving the problem for missing the medical records. 6. 49.73% responded to be capable of administering first aid treatment. Among them, 23.60% were equipped with accurate knowledge regarding the emergency care. 7. During medical dispute, 88.09% sought counsel from other dentists, and Local district dental association was found to be the most frequently asked group. 8. In cases of medical dispute, 5.26% of the respondents were asked to submit relevant data from customer protection organization, and among them, 75.61% acceded the demand sincerely. 9. After the settlement of the dispute, 83.63% recovered relatively stable state of mind. 10. 99.46% of the respondents felt the necessity of medical dispute management organization, and 78.58% responded that it was urgent. 11. 66.70% of the respondents joined Doctors and Hospitals Medical Malpractice Insurance, although they had not experienced medical dispute. However, 73.36% of the respondent were not aware of it, and 93.36% of the members were not aware of the procedure of the dispute settlement. 12. 79.0% of the respondents who joined the Doctors and Hospitals Medical Malpractice Insurance still felt confused when medical dispute occured, but relatively safer than before. 13. When medical dispute was settled through Doctors and Hospitals Medical Malpractice Insurance, 71.92% of the dentists were contented more than moderately, however, 35.16% of the patients were contented. 14. For complement of Doctors and Hospitals Medical Malpractice Insurance, 53.22% of the respondents felt that insurance company, dentist, and patient should all participate in bringing mutual agreement for quick settlement of the dispute. In addition, 29.08% of the respondents wanted insurance company to prevent patients from disturbing their practices. From the above results, improvement of the general awareness on increasing rate of medical disputes, and education as well as complementary measures for settlement of the disputes are required.
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