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암환자의 삶의 질에 대한 연구

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 A study on quality of life of Cancer Patients 
 김광일  ;  소형석  ;  민성길 
 Journal of Korean Association of Social Psychiatry (사회정신의학), Vol.7(2) : 116-122, 2002 
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 Journal of Korean Association of Social Psychiatry (사회정신의학) 
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삶의 질 ; 암환자
Objectives: This study was purposed to evaluate the quality of life of cancer patients and compare it with those of general medical patients group & healthy group. Methods: Quality of life was evaluated in 58 patients with cancers in pulmonary or gastrointestinal system, 202 patients with general medical diseases in pulmonary or GI system and 228 healthy persons. Data of 3 groups were compared with analysis of cavarience. Results: The WHOQOL score was lowest in the cancer patient group and was followed by the patients of other general medical diseases and the healthy persons. Especially QOL score of cancer patients were subjectly lower in the physical domain, the phycholosical domain, the independence domain, the environmental domain, the spiritual domain, while scores of the social domain showed no difference. Among these domains, the scores of the physical domain and the independence domain were lowest in cancer patients. The domains of which scores were not different between general internal patients and cancer patients were the phychological domain and the environmental domain. QOL of spiritual domain was lower in cancer patients than general patients. The path analysis suggests that the phychological quality of life is the most important in quality of life. Conclusion: Theses results show that the quality of life of cancer patients was lower than not only healthy persons but also general medical patients and suggest that cancer patients need more specialized helps in physical pain, independency, spiritual problems, and finally psychological problems.
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