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중환자실에서 경추 손상후 사지 마비 환자의 저혈압 치료를 위한 midodrine의 효과

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 Midodrine for the treatment of hypotension in a tetraplegia patient with cervical cord injury in ICU 
 한동우  ;  고신옥  ;  이용경  ;  이만우 
 Korean Journal of Critical Care Medicine, Vol.17(2) : 119-122, 2002 
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Korean Journal of Critical Care Medicine(대한중환자의학회지)
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Cervical cord injury ; Hypotension ; ICU ; Midodrine ; Tetraplegia
Cervical spinal cord injury results in significant dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system. Reduced sympathetic activity below the level of spinal cord injury is associated with low resting blood pressure, orthostatic hypotension, and reflex bradycardia. Hypotension can be treated with vasoactive agents, such as dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and phenylephine. Orally ad-ministered midodrine is an alpha adtenergic receptor agonist that increases blood pressure with vasoconstriction. Its action is fast and effective in treating hypotension in patients with spinal cord injury, and it has less severe side effects. A 70-year-old tetraplegic patient with fracture and dislocation of C6-7 after a motor vehicle accident was admitted to ICU and underwent anterior cervical intervertebral body fusion. Symptomatic hypotension following postural changes was treated with intravenous infusion of dopamine, but it was difficult to reduce the dose of dopamine without causing severe hypotension. Midodrine was prescribed and the patient was well tolerated without any adverse effect. With adequately maintained blood pressure, intravenous infusion of dopamine was successfully switched to the oral midodrine. This case suggests that the midodrine is effective for the treatment of hypotension in tetraplegic patients with spinal cord injury and enables patients to participate in early rehabilitation therapies.
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