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니트로퓨라존 도포 카테라와 실리콘 카테터의 요로감염 발현율에 대한 비교

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 Comparative Study on the Incidence of Urinary Tract Infection between Nitrofurazone-Coated Urinary Catheter and Silicone Catheter 
 이승주  ;  이충현  ;  김세웅  ;  조용현  ;  신완식  ;  이상은  ;  김청수  ;  홍성준  ;  정병하  ;  윤문수 
 INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY (감염과 화학요법), Vol.34(3) : 184-190, 2002 
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Nitrofurazone ; Catheter associated urinary tract infection
Purposes:To evaluate the efficacy and safety of nitofurazone-coated urinary catheter in inhibitory activity of catheter associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI).
Methods:From March to September 2001, 177 patients in five university hospitals who were expected to use urinary catheters and be satisfied with the inclusion, exclusion criteria were analyzed. Through urine culture, we compared the incidence rate and onset of CAUTI after catheterization of standard silicone urinary catheters (control group) and nitofurazone-coated catheters (experimental group). CAUTI was defined as over 103 CFU/mL of bacteria in urine culture. The catheter surface was examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to analyze the bacteial biofilms.
Results:The incidence rate of CAUTI was lower in experimental group than in control group but there was no statistical significancy. However, in the patients who had indwelling urinary catheters for 5~7 days, the incidence rate of CAUTI was significantly low in experimental group. Depending on catheter insertion period, the incidence onset of CAUTI was analyzed. It was found that the longer the insertion period was, the lower the incidence rate of CAUTI in experimental group was than in control group, but there was no statistical significancy. In the patients who had indwelling urinary catheters for 5~7 days, the incidence rate of CAUTI was significantly low in experimental group. According to the result of this study, patient who was older and had longer insertion- period, had higher incidence rate of CAUTI. SEM showed the formation of bacterial biofilm in silicone catheters throughout the 5~7 days, but deterioration of the bacterial biofilm was visible on the surface of nitofurazone-coated catheters. There was no side-effect in any groups.
Conclusion:This study suggests that nitofurazone-coated catheters can be useful for inhibition of urinary tract infection, with systemic and local safety, in patients who have indwelling urinary catheter more than 5 days and old-age paitents.
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