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 Comparison of genetically modified soybean and wild soybean in physicochemical aspects 
 염혜영  ;  이경은  ;  손명현  ;  김철홍  ;  김규언 
 Allergy Asthma & Respiratory Disease (소아알레르기 호흡기학회지), Vol.12(1) : 27-35, 2002 
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 Allergy Asthma & Respiratory Disease (소아알레르기 호흡기학회지) 
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Allergenicity ; Genetically modified organism ; Soybean
Purpose: The list of genetically engineered crops is growing. Traits introduced into these crops include insect protection, delayed ripening, virus resistance, modified nutritional composition, herbicide tolerance etc. Most traits introduced into crops result from the expression of new proteins. FAO/WHO organised joint expert consultation had recommended that substantial equivalence be an important component in the safety assessment of GMO plants for human consumption. As the first step to assess the allergenic potential of GMO food, the immunological and physicochemical characterization is needed. Methods: We made crude extract from GMO soybean, wild soybean, curd and soy milk and performed SDS-PAGE. After acidification with HCI, the samples were divided to globulin and whey. To evaluate the changes of protein composition, the samples were heated or added with pepsin, PCR with primer coding 35S-promotor, NOS-terminator, and EPSPS gene were performed respectively for detection of GMO component. Results: Although there was difference in protein composition in SDS-PAGE of GMO and wild soybean, the same protein bands are observed in globulin fraction after acidification. The heating made difficult to see the protein distribution exactly. After adding of pepsin the same bands-20 kD, 37 kD, and 68 kD-were preserved in GMO and wild soybeans. The 3 PCR procedures showed same results that GMO soybean and some curd included GMO component. Conclusions: There were no definite differences between GMO and wild soybean in respect to immunologic and physicochemical characteristics. To assess the allergenicity of GMO food, the more researches including in vitro and in vivo immunoassay are needed.
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