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소아외과의 지수 질환 - 대한소아외과학회 정회원을 대상으로 한 2000년도 전국 조사 -

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 Index Cases in Pediatric Surgery - a National Survey by the Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons, 2000 - 
 이명덕  ;  김상윤  ;  김우기  ;  김인구  ;  김성철  ;  김신곤  ;  김재억  ;  김재천  ;  김현학  ;  박귀원  ;  박우현  ;  서정민  ;  송영택  ;  오수명  ;  유수영  ;  이두선  ;  이석구  ;  이성철  ;  정상영  ;  정성은  ;  정을삼  ;  정풍만  ;  조마해  ;  최금자  ;  최순옥  ;  최승훈  ;  한석주  ;  허영수  ;  홍정  ;  황의호 
 Journal of the Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons (소아외과), Vol.7(2) : 147-156, 2001 
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 Journal of the Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons (소아외과) 
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Index cases ; National survey ; Pediatric surgery ; Korea
Membership qualifications and recognition of the subspecialty training programs by the Korean Association of Pediatric Surgeons(KAPS) have been determined by criteria based on the number of neonatal and total pediatric surgical cases registered, since 1989 (Index cases). The numbers are based on a survey of the 14 founding members of the society by Jung et al. in 1987. The current survey is to review the present status of the index cases from 1997 to 1999 among 36 members of the KAPS. Two surveys were undertaken for this study. In the first survey, cases were collected by the registration form, composed of neonatal(N), important pediatric surgical cases (I), tumor and other similar operations(T) and other common pediatric surgical cases(O). Thirty members responded. and the result was discussed at the Topic Discussion section of the 15th Annual Congress of KAPS, 2000. The second survey analyzed additive data, proposed during discussion at the Congress. Twenty-three members responded. This report is the analysis of the both surveys. The average numbers of the cases/year/surgeon of N, I, T, O and total were 19.5, 51.8, 9.5, 77.1 and 356.5. respectively. The number of index cases(N+I+T)/year/surgeon was 80.8. The ratio of (N+I+T)/total cases was 0.3. Seventeen of 30 members have more than 20 cases of N per year. Twelve members have more than 150 cases, and 13 do more than 100 cases of I per year. Fourteen members have more than 10 cases of T per year. Nineteen and 10 members experienced more than 150 and 100 of index cases(N+I+T) per year. A new list of the index cases and coding system are proposed for the future regular update.
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