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HPV(Human papilloma virus)유래 바이러스 벡터(Adenovirus, Adeno associated virus)를 이용한 암 억제유전자치료법과 자연산물에서의 암 억제 효과

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 Tumor Surpressor Gene Therany, and Natural Product with Vectors[Aoenouirus, Aoenn associated virus] in Human Papilloma virus 
 천병수  ;  노민석  ;  유종수  ;  김준명 
 Korean Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering (한국생물공학회지), Vol.16(6) : 579-591, 2001 
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 Korean Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering (한국생물공학회지) 
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adenovirus ; AAVCMVp53 ; cotransfection ; papilloma virus human cervical cancer ; gene therapy ; cancer
The cell growth inhibitor effect of cervical cancer cells was investigated by liposome mediated transfection (pRcCMVp53/lipofectin) and by transfection using adenovirus (AdCMVp57). The papilloma virus cancer cell lines we used in this study were HPV16 positive, having inhibiter gene, wild p53 gene, CaSki, SiHa, HPV18 positive HeLa, HeLaS3 and HPV negative C33A, HT3. LacZ gene of E.coli was used as the marker gene for the transfection efficiency. The effect on the inhibition of tumor cell growth was measured by cell count and cell viability though ELISA analysis and MTT assay. The inhibition of tumor cell growth was confirmed by measuring each assay for six days, comparing with the normal control cell growth. The cell growth of cervical cancer calls by transfection was significantly reduced and showed tittle differences among the cell lines. To eliminate the potential problem of Ad(adenovirus) contamination during rAAV production, rAAV can be produced by a triple transfection of vector plasmic, packaging plasmid, and adenovirus helper plasmid. To examine the helper functions of Ad plasmids on the production of rAAV vector, we carried out cotransfection of three plasmids, AAV vector, packaging construct, and Ad helper plasmids. The optimized transfection condition for calcium phosphate method is 25ug of total DNA per 10-cm-diameter plate of 293 cell. We found that rAAV yields peaked at 48hr after Ad infection. The titer of rAAV was measured by the dot blot analysis to measure the number of particles/ml based on the quantification of viral DNA. Recent1y, Kombucha(fungi) was identified as a very potent antileukefic agent. In the present study, effect of natural toxin(plankton) and Kombucha is PSP(GTXI-3, neoSTX), on various MTT assay cervical cancer cell line. Toxin(GTX 1-3, neoSTX) also inhibited the proliferation in primary cervical cancer calls in a dose-dependent toxin concentration. These results showed that toxin was very potent in inhibiting the proliferation of cervical cancer calls in vitro. Toxins and Kombuoha exhibited a dose dependent inhibition of cellular proliferation in cancer cell line.
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