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 남웅  ;  차인호 
 Journal of the Korean Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Vol.27(6) : 519-525, 2001 
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 Journal of the Korean Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (대한구강악안면외과학회지) 
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drinking ; smoking ; dental factors
The oral cavity has frequent contacts with many carcinogenic compounds and its soft tissue is continuously stimulated by numerous dental factors. We have examined the detailed dental factors and its correlation with oral squamous cell carcinoma, and denture-wearing effects to analyze the effect of the dental factors on the genesis of oral squamous cell carcinoma. We have studied clinical contributing factors and the dental factors in the genesis of oral squamous cell carcinoma when the effects of smoking and drinking are controlled. The study cases are 100 patients(75 males and 25 females) who were diagnosed histo-pathologically as squamous cell carcinoma at the Yonsei Medical Center. The control group was 154 patients who have no systemic malignant tumors. The effects of 6 dental factors were analyzed in this study. They were divided into the smoking group, the non smoking group, the drinking group, and the non-smoking group. The effects of dental factors were analyzed in each group. In this study, we have drawn some conclusions on the relationship between the dental factors and oral squamous cell carcinoma using x²-test. 1. The repaired teeth have statistical significance on the genesis of squamous cell carcinoma. This is probably due to the combining effects of past poor oral hygiene and continuous stimulation due to poor prosthesis. 2. There is statistical significance of the lost teeth in the smoking group, and the repaired teeth and the degree of alveolar bone resorption had statistical significance in the non-smoking group. 3. Smoking and drinking by-itself have no statistical significance in the genesis of oral squamous cell carcinoma. However, in combination, they have statistical significance. In this study, dental factors had a synergistic effect with smoking and drinking. Together with avoidance of smoking and drinking, appropriate restoration and oral hygiene control are most important factors in the preventive aspects of the oral squamous cell carcinoma.
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