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 Development of the Model for Activity Based Costing in the Hospital 
 전기홍  ;  조우현  ;  김보경  ;  김병조 
 Korean Journal of Hospital Management (병원경영학회지), Vol.6(2) : 37-69, 2001 
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 Korean Journal of Hospital Management (병원경영학회지) 
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Activity-based costing ; Health services organization ; Cost accounting
A new cost management system, called Activity Based Costing (ABC) system, has arisen to solve the limitation of a Traditional Cost Accounting (TCA) system until last two decades and ABC has been applied by many companies. TCA systems have limitation in tracing cost because they arbitrarily allocate overhead cost to the cost objects without standard for direct cost distribution. ABC is an accounting system that assigns costs to products or services based on the resources they consume. The costs of all activities are traced to the products for which they are performed. Therefore ABC is a cost management system that provides a matrix to accurately quantify consumed resources triggered by activities and activities triggered by products and services. There is little implementation of ABC in the health services field, one of service industries, due to complicated and many activities, and volatile cost object. However, the necessity for applying reasonable cost accounting system is largely issuing as strategy responding hostile environment, and financial pressure, and it is imperative to implement the Activity Based Costing (ABC) system. Therefore, this study presents the framework to develop ABC system for total health service organizations. Cost objects in this study base on medical service activities per health insurance claim from one general hospital located in Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Medical service activities include all health insurance claims in the hospital. The purpose of the study is presenting useful tools and basic frame to develop Activity Based Costing system for health service organizations which want to use ABC system. The steps to develop ABC system for health service organizations are following: 1. Identifying of activity centers; 2. Definition of cost objects and activity by activity center; 3. Analysis of activity and tracing activity contribution; 4. Allocation of direct cost for specific activity; 5. Allocation of indirect cost for specific activity; 6. Allocation of depreciation for facilities, applicants, and consumption goods; 7. Allocation of administration cost; 8. Allocation of cost among activity centers; and 9. Tracing cost of cost objects by activity center. This study identified necessary information from existing reports which hospitals generally made by each step, and defined outcome which had to be produced in each step using this information. The steps of this study had limitation to apply all different size hospitals because the steps were structured ABC system by one hospital, however, this study used similar basic framework and methods with general cases. When a health service organization want to apply Activity Based Costing (ABC) system on all activities of it in future days, this study is very useful to design system structure in the health service organization.
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