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검사어 및 성별·연령에 따른 음절 최대 반복 속도에 대한 연구

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 A Study of Syllable Maximum Repetition Rate for Stimuli, Age and Sex 
 차정민  ;  심현섭  ;  최홍식 
 Journal of the Korean Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (대한음성언어의학회지), Vol.12(1) : 55-60, 2001 
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 Journal of the Korean Society of Logopedics and Phoniatrics (대한음성언어의학회지) 
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syllable maximum repetition rate(MRR) ; stimuli ; age and sex
Background and Objectives: Syllable Maximum Repetition Rate (MRR) is ability to repeat rapidly the articulators and is assessed for oromechanism function as one of the MPT. MRR is measured by rate (counts/sec), also simultaneously considered accuracy and consistency. The objective of the present was to examine stimuli effects and age and sex differences for MRR. Materials and Method: This study was participated 60 normal males and females (1:1) who were divided into two groups young (<40 years old) and old (≥40 years old). Stimuli were /p=a/, /t=a/, /k=a/, /pha/, /tha/, /kha/, /p=at=ak=a/ for manner (tense and aspirated) of articulation, /phathakha/, /thaphakha/ for the effect of the order of syllable, glide /u-i/ for coordination of lip and tongue, interrupted vowel /i/ for laryngeal function. Results: There were little differences in two age groups and sex and manner of articulation for MRR tasks. The fastest average MRR of the single syllable included in this study was /t=a/. Singificant differences existed between MRR for /phathakha/ and /thaphakha/, which suggested that MRR was affected by the order of the syllables. MRR for interrupted vowel /i/ was about 2 counts/sec slower than average rate of 1 syllables. Conclusion: From these results, the order of the syllables was a crucial variable in MRR rather than age or sex. There were no difference age, sex and manner of rate. The interrupted vowel repetition rate was slightly slow used and can provide basic information to assess the speech mechanism and can be useful to develop effective stimuli to differentiate the disordered group from normal.
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